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Other products available for sale.

1160-2430 Dialgrade Membrane Switch pads

1160-2430 Dialgrade Membrane Switch pads are now available and IN STOCK.

They are for the 1160 Pipelaser units. Call us if you have any questions.



LCD display for the SCB21 Control box.



Green LED display board for the Analog Mast Control Box.

This board replaces the incandescent display.
It will also work in the Hydraulic Mast Systems.

Includes display board, ribbon cable and connector.



P.A. Control Box display/GPS - Computer interface PCB


56694-01 Case GPS Status Indicator

An alternative to buying the whole kit from Trimble.

56694-02 Case GPS Alarm Assembly

If you need just one piece or the whole kit.

56694-03 Case GPS Alarm Harness

We have it in stock.

56694KIT Case GPS Indicator & Alarm Kit

Requested by one of our customers, we have put together these to help the bottom line.

Capio Dimmer IPS-CM-HP-20

We have a bunch of these in stock. Tested and ready to ship. We have added an insulator to the top of the heat sink to keep it from shorting out the PCB above.

Individual Seals and Nuts

Part No. Description

012000-03 .. Size 18 nut
012000-04 . . Size 16 nut
012000-05 .. Size 14 nut

012000-06-01 ..Size 18 seal, .370 ID
012000-06-02 ..Size 18 seal, .490 ID
012000-06-03 ..Size 18 seal, .410 ID

012000-07-01.. Size 16 seal, .245 ID
012000-07-02 ..Size 16 seal, .370 ID
012000-07-04 ..Size 16 seal, .410 ID

012000-08-01 ..Size 14 seal, .245 ID
012000-08-02.. Size 14 seal, .370 ID
012000-08-03 ..Size 14 seal, .320 ID

P.A. 5 Second Programmer

P.A. 5 Second Programmer


P.A. Minisim Simulator Cube

Simulates the P.A. Receiver output.

Perfect for testing P.A. Control Boxes, and 3 lite display boxes. Comes with 5 position switch and a 10 pin connector.



R2S Grade Spreader Cube


Strain Relief Sets

Part No. Description

012003-01.. Seal set,.370 seal, size 18 nut
012003-02 ..Seal set,.490 seal, size 18 nut
012003-03.. Seal set,.410 seal, size 18 nut

012004-01.. Seal set,.245 seal, size 16 nut
012004-02.. Seal set,.370 seal, size 16 nut
012004-04.. Seal set,.410 seal, size 16 nut

012005-01.. Seal set,.245 seal, size 14 nut
012005-02.. Seal set,.370 seal, size 14 nut
012005-03.. Seal set,.320 seal, size 14 nut

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